About the 2013 Culinary World Tour

100% of the proceeds from the Culinary World Tour support the Community Sponsorship Program, and will help provide 15,200 subsidies to low-income children and families that cannot afford to pay or co-pay for therapeutic services.

Thousands of low-income children in our community have serious mental, emotional and behavioral health needs. Sadly, the families of these children do not have health insurance or adequate means to co-pay for the services they need. Thanks to the Children’s Home Society’s Community Sponsorship Program, they can get help. The Community Sponsorship Program provides subsidies for a wide range of therapeutic services offered by our Warm Springs Counseling Center. Services include evaluations; individual, group and family counseling; expressive play, pet, and art therapy; group therapy; and psychosocial rehabilitation. Conditions treated often stem from trauma, abuse, neglect and/or illness.